Star Whores Sex Game


Sex Game Star Whores: Universe of Cumshots

The Star Whores: Rise of Skyfucker  sex game is based on the well-known Star Wars space saga. If you are one of those who loved to secretly masturbate to Princess Leia as a child, then you will be delighted! In this sex simulator you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite movie, filled with a wide variety of sex! Millions of players travel the universe every month.

Here you can become a stormtrooper, Jedi, or other character from the movie. Star Whores will give you a sexual experience of cosmic proportions, especially if you decide to play multiplayer! This fantastic sex game draws more than a black hole, if you try once, you can no longer stop!

No download required!

Players in multiplayer right now: 2,598

Single players right now: 3,294

Before you start playing, we want to warn you! This sex game contains scenes of rough and group sex, as well as other non-standard sex pictures. Therefore, you should not play if you are not ready for perverse forms of sex! If you are open to everything new, then go on a space journey for a stellar orgasm right now! May the force come with you!

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